AMTA students are now on their way back to London after an exhilarating time training on Broadway and seeing shows practically every night!


Some specifics from Broadway creatives:

– for auditions you sing 16 bars
– they are very direct and don’t waste time on pleasantries in the audition room
– they don’t want their dancers at 10 out of 10, they want them at 12 out of 10
– there are differences in some dance terminology (check out day 4 blog on
– often for big calls they will make cuts based on appearance before you even get a chance to sing, they line you up and walk down the line and ask certain people to leave.
– head shots are called 8x10s in American and 10x8s in UK. All head shots are now colour (and we are pretty much going 100% that way in the UK as well now)
– pay is higher on Broadway than in West End (thank the strong union in US for that one!)
– they hate it when people apologies after their auditions. They want to hire strong, confident actors, not weak feeble ones.

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Watch out for UK Associate Director of WICKED visiting AMTA in March!