Crafted to accommodate those who are not ready to enter the 1-year programme and require a year of preparation before doing so.

You will have many of the same benefits as the 1-year students but will only train in New York and perform in the shows in the second year. You will spend most of your time working on the three disciplines in the studios during your first year and the performing will be in the second. A strong emphasis will be put equally on all disciplines.


TERM DATES 2014-15

Term 1 -15th Sept - 24th Oct (6 weeks)

Term 2 - 3rd Nov - 12th Dec (6 weeks)

Term 3 - 5th Jan - 13th Feb (6 weeks)

Term 4 - 23rd Feb - 27th Mar (5 weeks)

Term 5 - 13th April - 22nd May (6 weeks)

Term 6 - 1 June - 3rd July (5 weeks)

Our mandate is to provide students with the opportunity to learn from those who know what it takes to make it in this industry today. Times change and so does the profession, so it is important for you to learn from people who are where you want to be.

Your training at the American Musical Theatre Academy will cover all aspects of performance, right from the audition through to performing on the stage and everything in between. This is not a foundation programme for those who have no training thus far. It is a foundation programme to prepare you to enter the 1-year programme. 

Although the first year is a foundation programme, Principal Kenneth Avery-Clark will still expect you to focus entirely on your dedication to the craft. We will spend time developing your confidence and willingness to step out of your comfort zone without making you feel "small" or stripped of your personality. As with the One-Year Programme, we will connect you with an amazing line-up of tutors and guests who are 100% committed to getting you where you want to go. We expect the same level of commitment from all of our students. Lateness is not tolerated, project deadlines are to be adhered to and full dedication to the programme and tutors is a must. We accept people based on talent AND their desire to succeed. This is a highly competitive industry and part of our job is to get you ready for it both technically and psychologically. We take a more American approach to training (no pain-no gain) in order to give you the best shot possible when you leave us.

For a detailed breakdown of what is covered on this programme, please download our prospectus. 

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